Zombie Wars 2

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Zombie Wars 2: Idle Clicker

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販売元: Matthew Daniels
リリース日: 2015/12/21


RT @T4isonTV: #SORTEO 2 EDICIONES STANDARD DE #StarWarsBattlefrontII válido para todas las plataformas https://t.co/NOHeOuujkt #giveaway ht…
They brought back Sergeant Johnson as Halo Wars 2 DLC but they didn't make him into a zombie. That should be a dealbreaker right there.
MikelTube Wars 2 - La Invasión Zombie Nerf https://t.co/UruvHNQ4bm
RT @TalkStarWars: Join the #TalkStarWars community & get the most recent #podcast episode in @iTunesPodcasts! https://t.co/fapTxN5mM7
MikelTube Wars 2 - La Invasión Zombie Nerf https://t.co/7eAIwA6zrZ
So Star Wars secret themes are 1) recycle, recycle, recycle, and 2) It's a secret zombie film. FrankenRobots made up of previous bot pieces


What’s New

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The best zombie idle game is back! Click your way past 23 levels to become a billionaire and see the empire you build grow before your eyes as survivors, soldiers, tanks, and more fill up your base!

Tap on zombies to fight them, earn cash, and buy upgrades to level up and become the most successful zombie survival base of all time! Be careful though, raiders will try to steal from your idle empire with random attacks, but with all of your upgrades and bonuses – you’ll defeat them easily.

Are you good enough to start the most successful zombie survival base of all time? Yes you are!

This is a free idle clicker game dedicated to fighting zombies and base building; no zombies were harmed in the making of this game.

Click to fight zombies and earn cash!
Earn idle upgrades to build your army and fight faster.
Capture bonus loot bags to make your clicks count for much more!
Fight off raiders who want to steal your survivor fortune!
Speed bonuses make every click count, the faster you are, the more you earn!
Over 23 levels to beat to prove you’re the best survivor and zombie fighter ever!

This is a sequel to the Clicker Empire games, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see updated as I try to update often and respond to requests for new game styles.

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