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Cooper Zeon Sport A/S 275/40 R18 99W https://t.co/4OQJksGjJi #Cooper
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サッカーしてんと他の敵いけ って通信作ってくださいお願いします #バトオペnext
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RT @moegomin: @Hecate_Zeon @tyaaaaaabu タネニキに腰振った時は最高にエクスタシーを感じたぞ。やってみ
@Hecate_Zeon @tyaaaaaabu タネニキに腰振った時は最高にエクスタシーを感じたぞ。やってみ
@Nerd_Shark69 @austin_walker @NozomiEnt ... Zeon stay losin' man. Zeon stay losin'.
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What’s New

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The most expecting MMORPG of 2016!

“Zeon” is a greater classic MMORPG game ever with cute style which cost millions dollars to present. It had archived new milestone in mobile game industry by providing high definition gameplay, fascinating character skills and variety of interactive dungeon mode. To protect the land against Lord of Sin, we are seeking for brave warriors to join our alliance in battlefield. Let’s join our alliance and experience the thrilling and mysterious adventure together.

[Game Characteristics]
* New milestone in mobile game community
As a mobile online game, “Zeon” had put much of effort into social communication. Friends system included intimacy, enemy and blacklist. From here, it was extended to couple, apprentice, team, guild, clan and other social community. Players who were staying far away from each other able to communicate immediately and most important you can make friends from all over the world. Besides, we had provided voice chat feature in game and it made the communication between players more convenient.

* Hot Blooded PK
In “Zeon”, we have various kind of real time PK mode such as Colosseum, Royal War, Sin Battlefield, Camp war and so on. Are you excited with these activities? Let’s join us now!

* Creative Pet Cultivation
There are more than 10 types of pets in “Zeon”. Cute or cool pets are up to your choice. You can swap your dream pet anytime during the game because it will not influence your total CP at all. Other than common pet level up, you can boost the pet potential by using pets’ soul or giving favorite gift to pet.

* New Interesting Gameplay
Most popular gameplay already released in our “Zeon”. In addition, we had created some special mode for players. It is such a great game worth a try.

* Red Packets was Available
Any recharge in this game will obtain a chance to gift red packet to everybody in the server. This action is free of charge and will not consume any diamond or item. Do not miss this chance to grab it when you received the relevant announcement in the game.

If you have any suggestion or problem, welcome to contact us.
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Instagram: eyougame_zeon

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