Tiny Tower

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Tiny Tower 2.2.6(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, エンターテインメント, ファミリー, シミュレーション
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 17.9 MB)
販売元: NimbleBit LLC – NimbleBit LLC
リリース日: 2011/06/23



Reinstalled Tiny Tower. I am LIVING
Picking up where I left off yesterday. Got about a dozen tiny desks queued up. Sampha, Common, UTRB, Shamir, Fantastic Negrito, errrybody.
RT @ColbyJo19589078: Check out this funny BitBook post from Tiny Tower! https://t.co/wcIhGrk6jh
voltei a jogar tiny tower e estou com um problema de falta de habitação #FORAFERRREIRA
I just unlocked the rockstar costume in Tiny Tower! https://t.co/G6Ubf5Zv4F
Check out this funny BitBook post from Tiny Tower! https://t.co/FVqjbpMZZ6
me: im listening to a soothing playlist to help me sleep! also me: i cANT FALL ASLEEP UNTIL ALL MY TINY TOWER SHOPS ARE FULLY STOCKED
#Tiny #Tower https://t.co/2SsfMBnmhN #apple #ios2 #ipad #iphone App Apes Review. https://t.co/KblS9hMCnf
Check out this funny BitBook post from Tiny Tower Vegas! This applies to quite a few games :) https://t.co/ntC3DoJrfu
RT @CityGuideJill: 'Oh lamb of God' - tiny 16thC Agnes Dei carving on tower of St Mary's church #Walthamstow #lovelondon https://t.co/QSry2…
'Oh lamb of God' - tiny 16thC Agnes Dei carving on tower of St Mary's church #Walthamstow #lovelondon https://t.co/QSry2TjcqO
Tower, SFF, Tiny, All-in-One, Workstation: Wir erklären die wichtigsten Unterschiede. ▶️ https://t.co/GC6EY5dtb1 https://t.co/12fkFi1Ump
The only problem with Congress is that it is outdone by BJP. BJP is a like a tower and Congress and AAP, tiny statues.
Guyyyyyss, add me on Tiny Tower. Or comment your Tiny Tower code below so I can add you :3 it's… https://t.co/je0tMYkl7D
RT @G4M1NG4N7: @NimbleBit literally just wasted my time to see what's under tiny tower vegas only to find out it's just a void https://t.co…


What’s New
– Fixed missing audio tracks

Note: Floors lost in the holiday update will need to be re-built, our sincerest apologies.

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Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!

- Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live and work inside.

- Special events and VIP visitors will earn you special perks as you build your tower towards the clouds.

– Customize the look and placement of each floor and the bitizens that live in them, and upgrade your elevator.

- Game Center integration to let you see your friends towers, back up your game and earn awards.

- See what is on your bitizens’ minds by peeking at the “BitBook” virtual social network for your tower!

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