The Monolith

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The Monolith 1.03(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ストラテジー, パズル
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リリース日: 2014/11/06



RT @LeviH122977: Who else is stoked for the #monolith update for #Paragon today!!! 1.5hrs until expected patch drop!!!! @Rkzeix @Twitch_RTs…
RT @Paragon: The full V.35 Monolith Update release notes are here, dropping December 6th.
@johniadarola Trust you to engage in the same kind of racial thinking that was common in the Jim Crow era? You views blacks as a monolith.
RT @arCtyC: More action, faster gameplay, new map, more strategy. SO pumped for the Monolith update today!
I liked a @YouTube video from @rurikhan Paragon Monolith Gameplay | Monolith is Coming, and so is the New
RT @RapAndSoulPromo: 'Attack the Monolith' by @_mongrels_ takes its place in the @MonolithBlogger A-Z of 2016's best albums #InvisibleSpies…
The @Paragon Monolith update is live. It's a huge update that brings a lot of gameplay change. Let's play some games. Hit me up!
RT @itgShaneLynch: Told the pilot Monolith was dropping this morning. He said "Oh shit. Buckle up, I'm flying this bitch fast as I can."
RT @MonolithBlogger: #AlbumsOfTheYear part two: @_mongrels_ 'Attack of the Monolith'
RT @BrimUpNorth: The A-Z of 2016's best albums according to @monolithblogger M is for @_mongrels_ - 'Attack the Monolith'…
Got the Monolith patch downloading on both PC and PS4, lol I'm way too excited for this.
RT @RapAndSoulPromo: 'Attack the Monolith' by @_mongrels_ takes its place in the @MonolithBlogger A-Z of 2016's best albums #InvisibleSpies…
Lyra is primed and ready for monolith!!! 😂 I can't wait to put thousands of hours into the new map on Paragon lol
RT @RapAndSoulPromo: 'Attack the Monolith' by @_mongrels_ takes its place in the @MonolithBlogger A-Z of 2016's best albums #InvisibleSpies…
We will be streaming the #monolith update on Paragon for pretty much most the day. Pc and ps4. Keep an eye here for when we go live!


What’s New
Updates in version 1.03:
***5x More Sword Swing Power from Techs!***
– Now you can truly be the Sword Master and gain some real Evolution Points to upgrade your units and Research Techs
– Adjusted the cost of some techs
– Adjusted damage to EP requirements

Heroes coming very soon with new expanded tutorial, new stat tracking, new achievements and other features!

ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4

The dreaded Beast is loose and it’s up to you and your civilization to destroy it! The Monolith reigns over and inspires your people as they climb out of the Stone Age into modern times from sticks and rocks to tanks and missiles.

As the ruler of your empire, lead your people and wield your trusty blade as you tap, tap, tap your way to victory!

– Highly addictive game play based on the popular web game!
– 8 ages and dozens of upgrades from the Stone Age to the Nuclear Age!
– Over 30 unit types from Cavemen to Stealth Bombers to attack the Beast for you!
– 8 different swords from Wood to Radioactive for you to wield!
– Over 100 achievements to strive for!
– Watch your civilization grow as you upgrade its technology!
– Watch the Beast evolve as you rain down damage!
– And more ages, units, and upgrades with updates incoming!

Warm up your tapping finger and praise the Monolith!

Heroes Are Coming!!! Keep a lookout!

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