Tapper Heroes

公開日: : 最終更新日:2015/04/27 クッキークリッカー系

Tapper Heroes – A Game of Idle Tapping Heroes With Minions, Bosses And Dangerous Battles! .1(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ロールプレイング, アクション, エンターテインメント
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 43 MB)
販売元: Nathaniel Trotter – Nathaniel Trotter
リリース日: 2015/04/23




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Are you a hero?

Do you have what it takes to conquer the perilous task you are about to be given
You must fight hundreds of monsters on land, air and sea. Did you think the game was going to be easy.
At first you are only fighting minions. The bosses come next.

Do you have the Super Ultimate Tapping Power to rid the world of these vile creatures? With one tap you could banish your foes into the underworld. But is it possible to reach the next level alone?

Oh, we forgot to tell you that you can meet other heroes along the way. Pay them a fee and they will join your hero army. Your hired heroes will help increase your Super Ultimate Tapping Power to millions, or even trillions!

Battle it out with your heroes in different lands. Earning in – game money has never been so exciting. This money, or gold can be used to increase your heroes’ skills. With fully upgraded heroes you can upgrade your Super Ultimate Tapping Power to Mega Ultra Super Duper Tapping Awesomesauce Power. Tapping a monster to death has never been more exhilarating and exciting. With your Mega Ultra Super Duper Tapping Awesomesauce Power, you will be extinguishing monsters with one tap of the finger.

Your name will entice fear in all those who dare stand against you!

Will you tap your way to victory or be crumbled in the dust.


• Idle Gameplay
• Welcome back bonuses
• Get more money with In-App purchases as low as $.99!
• 100 levels
• Challenging but addicting gameplay
• Cool graphics
• Money
• Gold
• And a little more Gold
• Timed Boss Battles
• Autosaving Feature
• Autoleveling Feature
• Farming feature
• Earn money when the app is idle (Closing the app completely voids the offline money earning)
• Tons of Heroes to choose from
• Scrolling hero bar for fast hero access
• Post your highest level to the GameCenter leaderboards

Everybody gets one… Cheat = Having trouble with a crazy strong boss? Go back to the previous boss and rack up some gold. Level up your heroes then try that pesky boss again. Keep repeating and you might be able to get to level 10. Ha!

Level Cap is : 100 Check back for updates and more levels

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Credit for the awesome monsters goes to http://www.emeraldactivities.com/

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