Tap Saga

公開日: : 最終更新日:2016/02/16 クッキークリッカー系

Tap Saga

現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 57.4 MB)
販売元: wang rui
リリース日: 2015/05/17


Ecco come dalla famiglia presidenziale dell'#azerbaijan sono stati veicolati soldi al primo ministro maltese... https://t.co/J8kWXHkxv2
👑 ᴅᴏɴ·ᴛ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴍɪɴᴇ ᴏʀ ɪ·ʟʟ ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏ ʏᴏᴜʀs. (( tap or go away ))
For more information, tap ↴ https://t.co/7peGw3DaeN
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A saga. This has to be one of the top 25 comedies ever. https://t.co/aJFdw3tz0N
@little_tap なるほどーーー!!そんなサービスがあるんですね!!
@saga_hellopro ふふ…さあてね…? なーんてとぼけたりして(笑)こっちでは日本人向けにインターネットでリアルタイムより3分遅れで見られる有料サービスがあるのですよ😃 ひきこもりの私は速攻契約いたしました!
Tap Tap Tap 👌👌 [ P.S : Jangan Dirusak Please ~~ KKK ]
○This is Valerie Freya Adinata:) ● Tap and scroll for more information! https://t.co/ow7H6WxiWq
@saga_jefri Opsi agar tidak terdengar kencang. Tap, tap. Hanya terpaut 1 langkah lagi. Ale segera menempelkan -
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What’s New
– add daily reward.
– Recharge the gems to get a mysterious pet for free!
– Fixed some bug.

ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5
Just tap for game play, just tap to beat monster, and collect gold to upgrade weapon or fantasy skill Each BOSS defend a lot treasure, you need use proper skill and tap as quick as you can to beat the BOSS in a limit time, after the BOSS was killed, you would enter the new level and world. In the process of beat monster, you can dispatch the gold into different equipment to get Tap Damage or DPS or Active Skill so that you can get a different game experience.

In one night, a gang of monster rush a depot of a little adventurer, in this depot, there are a lot of treasure which are collected by the little adventurer. Before those monster leaving, the litter adventurer was beat by them, what’s a poor adventurer. Looking the empty depot, the litter adventurer swear he must to retake his treasure, let those monsters get right punishment. If you want to help him, please download this game to beat some monster.

– The most simple tap game play, no difficult to start!
– Cherish your finger? Find the weapon easily and let them to beat monster to free you finger!
– Challenge finger tapping limit! Open active skills to test your hand speed!
– 200 levels, 40 BOSS, for you!
– Hundreds of the most lovely monster, even beaten movements are so cute!
– Nearly 100 different weapons, come to collect them!
– Shine active skills to help you do defend BOSS!

**This is a single game, but some part of system need internet network**
**You will lost saved data when uninstalling, and won’t when updating**

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