Tap Orcs

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Tap Orcs

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販売元: Team aGames
リリース日: 2015/11/19



What’s New
+ Introduce Pet summon system
+ X-MAS event!
+ Improve heroes’ weapons
+ Add 1 new artifact
+ Add Daily reward
+ Add 1 more level in Trophy
+ Add 1 more level for Auto Tap skill

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– In a legend land of Orcs, the hobbits had a sweet live in the peacefully saga for thousand decades. Until cruel Orcs and Rogue attacked and did devastate destruction to everything (people, house, tree, animals…). A hobbit king had come forward and lead the best heroes to the quest of wiping out evil orcs.
– In the first furious legend battle, all heroes were killed by the legendary orc: Lord of War. Luckily, the great King survived. He decided to summon all champion heroes all over the world with the help of the great hobbit hero in order to begin an ultimate quest to have sweet revenge to orcs and by TAP!
– In this game, you will incarnate into the great hobbit hero and gather strong army to defeat all rogue and cruel orcs. Every chapter of the game is an epic fantasy quest across farm, forest… By sensible tactics, you can upgrade the hobbit and the heroes to conquer the chaos saga.
– Play Tap Orcs will receive relics in order to buy summon artifact legend after prestige. The wish (casino) is the place that you can receive wonderful gift from the game sweet gift and get billion coin to become billionaire.
– Besides that, in Tap Orc you can do quest to get gift that helps your heroes double power and can suddenly kill bosses like monster king & lord. Especially, Tap Orc provides the feature auto tap so player can farm monster orcs easily, just buy and use in the game and no need to tap.

?? Download and install it now ??

***** How to play Tap Orcs

– Tap Orc Heroes is RPG game (role playing), a unique clicker idle game with cartoon hobbit graphics that you can play active or idle, get billions of coin by tap. Build your heroes party, defeat cruel rogue enemies and defense actively or let your heroes idle grind for you. Gather loot to improve and progress through the game.
– Embark on an epic journey through the lands to grow ever summon hobbit stronger, grind, gather loot and defeat your enemies.
– Tap your way through the adventure across war forests, farms, deserts, caves, clans tap orcs , jungles, swamps you grow ever more powerful and gather epic heroes, face tougher opponents and creatures.
– Tap with your godly powers to hurt your enemies and help your defense. Or unleash your wrath on your enemies with awesome powers while blessing your heroes with helpful buffs.
– Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey to upgrade your heroes and gain new cool abilities to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!
– Play attack by tap orc, tap and tap all monster, get challenge tap heroes.

***** Features
? Tap Orc best idle RPG game
? Over 30 different enemies and bosses attack by tap
? Over 10 different worlds to discover this sweet role playing game
? A Distinct group of heroes with different abilities
? Interesting powers to unleash on your enemies
? Cartoon style for character heroes, orcs and tap orcs
? Tap Orc mix of RPG role playing and tap tap clicker grind elements with tons of skills to upgrade
? Either play actively or just idle by watching your heroes do the job for you
? Achievements to unlock with best champion
? Ridiculous amounts of loot
? Get bit coin billionaire, more diamond, gold and free wish every day
? Many quest and achievement rewards
? Possibly infinite RPG gameplay.
? Cute stage graphics with cute puppet heroes!
? Update every weekend with more hobbit, tap orcs, monster, boss…
? Play new more next feature update : Dungeon big boss, pet system, leaderboard,…
? Only tap tap tap and get more golds, diamonds, relics
Support Email Tap Orc: agames.cc@gmail.com or agames.team.0601@gmail.com

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