Tap Adventure

公開日: : 最終更新日:2015/06/23 クッキークリッカー系

Tap Adventure 1.0.0(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, エンターテインメント, アドベンチャー, ロールプレイング
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 95.1 MB)
販売元: Avallon Alliance Ltd. – Avallon Alliance Ltd.
リリース日: 2015/06/20



Raspberry Bandit Brown by City Star Brewing found at Tap n Handle. It's a sudsy adventure.
Haze Craze by Burley Oak Brewing Company found at Maddy's Tap Room. It's a sudsy adventure.
#ORLGGJ #GGJ17 #3DAudio #2DArt #Tap #Adventure #Game https://t.co/ZqagMuJecs
Tap your own #adventure in #Houston – over 1,000 ways to play every day – https://t.co/05gBESdbY0 https://t.co/HIMiY1EaSI
Noosa Breakfast Tart by Odell Brewing Co. found at The Odell Brewing Tap Room. It's a sudsy adventure.
Tap your own adventure in #Auckland – over 1,000 ways to play every day – https://t.co/p84TTiy4Kg https://t.co/c9NSUPQPIQ
RT @ThatBucketList: Tap to see what your next adventure will be!! 🤘 https://t.co/DNxmoV62tW
RT @TheMadSage1: Explore the world and fight with epic bosses in Tap Adventure!
Tap your own #adventure in #Philadelphia – over 1,000 ways to play every day – https://t.co/sc8fV49Fhn https://t.co/XSn4ufw5cM
Harpoon Hoppy Adventure IPA now available on tap. https://t.co/ZJTWjOL4gF @harpoonbrewery #BeerMenus
@Tap_Adventure Sorry for my ignorance, but who is Fay and how I can get his Gifts?
New on tap 12 | Carlow O’Hara’s Hop Adventure Galaxy | 5% American Pale Ale | Carlow | 🇮🇪 | RateBeer: 48
Tap your own #adventure in #Amsterdam – over 1,000 ways to play every day – https://t.co/Yjg1XuLzaF https://t.co/J2f9ZSsKrf
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Tap your own #adventure in #Lisbon – over 1,000 ways to play every day – https://t.co/5aiT2yjQBB https://t.co/7rR5jBjCb8


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How can be eternal glory obtained? Through the victories! Make your own team from heroes and fight with hordes of enemies, smite them with the powerful magic, create Time Loops, to spread tales about your fame everywhere!
You need just to tap. With one movement of your finger you can summon lightning upon heads of your enemies, order heroes to use their abilities, enhance their equipment.

Select seven companions from powerful heroes
Travel through the 7 unique locations
Fight with numerous enemies and more then 20 unique bosses
Rewind time to get back and fight better with the new experience
Unlock chests to get new equipment

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