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Sprinkles 1.0.1(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, アーケード, シミュレーション
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 18.6 MB)
販売元: Bus Stop Studios Limited – Bus Stop Studios Limited
リリース日: 2014/02/20



RT @MachinePix: How sprinkles are mixed to make rainbow sprinkles. https://t.co/KoKyMuMMGw
A few welcome sprinkles of rain in an otherwise warm week. The @CTVCalgary 5 day forecast. #yyc #Calgary https://t.co/veog6CGIBO
Yummy easy cake bar #recipe w/ sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Make some today! https://t.co/jM4etwMpar https://t.co/CgQGgoXUgc
RT @ItsFoodPorn: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Sprinkles https://t.co/BcQuzOVtG7
RT @dxrthvaders: You make me happier than a triple-scoop ice cream cone. With sprinkles. https://t.co/8CTHkdNM2U
RT @ItsFoodPorn: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Sprinkles https://t.co/BcQuzOVtG7
i made chicken soup with alphabet noodles plus funfetti cupcakes with hot pink icing and sprinkles bc im a child sorry bye
RT @paul_mcmc: Remember this ovine, windmill-dwelling barrister thinks Corbyn supporters are posh. His politics are 'Tory with twee hooray…
@IdleLeaves I hope it's positive feedback. [/sprinkles confetti on you]
RT @ItsFoodPorn: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Sprinkles https://t.co/BcQuzOVtG7
@HopeFloeck @Hoosier7883 @girlstalkag Yes!! Yes sprinkles. Exactly where I was going. 😊
RT @vickto_willy: Just when my skin starts clearing up and my grades get right, Satan sprinkles a toxic man into my life like https://t.co/…
RT @madison_reyome: sprinkles. what else do people call them?? https://t.co/0VZOTpxG4W
The way to my heart is definitely by getting me a Sprinkles cupcake 😍
RT @ItsFoodPorn: Popsicle Sprinkles https://t.co/lfszEku00j


What’s New

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There are Sprinkles falling from the sky, and the people of Sprinkle town are filled with joy!

Spend endless hours collecting Sprinkles! Use your collected sprinkles to research Sprinkleworks which helps to produce more sprinkles for you. Hire staff members to collect the sprinkles generated from the Sprinkleworks. Need some more horse power? Why not upgrade the Sprinklevehicles to do the job also!

How do you collect sprinkles you ask?
– Click on one of the sprinkles that are on the donut in the sky, but remember its about collecting sprinkles so you must click on the sprinkle!
– Enter the sprinkle shop to upgrade your donut sprinkles or spend your sprinkles on either Sprinkleworks, Sprinkle Staff, or Sprinkle Vehicles.
– Why aren’t you getting Sprinkles from the Sprinkleworks you ask? These are special sprinkles that can only be collected by Sprinkle Staff or Sprinkle Vehicles so make sure you upgrade them to get those Sprinkles!

Sprinkles doesn’t end until you bust the sprinkle count! Be the first to get the most sprinkles, track your progress against your friends through the leaderboards and unlock all achievements for bragging rights!

Remember: it’s all about the Sprinkles!

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