Soccer Clicker

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Soccer Clicker – Fast Idle Incremental Game Free

現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 63.8 MB)
販売元: Crafty Wheel Studios Pty Ltd
リリース日: 2016/11/22


Soccer Clicker Manager: via @YouTube
RT @connermcgoldri3: My GK in Soccer Clicker - LEROY WHITAKER - 171 LBS - 6'8" - 64.2 overall. Play now for free!
RT @connermcgoldri3: My GK in Soccer Clicker - LEROY WHITAKER - 171 LBS - 6'8" - 64.2 overall. Play now for free!
@meigalabs Los sigo en twitter soccer manager clicker
RT @connermcgoldri3: My GK in Soccer Clicker - LEROY WHITAKER - 171 LBS - 6'8" - 64.2 overall. Play now for free!
Legenden soccer clicker|te lo recomiendo? #2: a través de @YouTube
RT @Olid03Driver: My ST in Soccer Clicker - OLID03 - 158 LBS - 5'10" - 58.8 overall. Play now for free!


What’s New
Critical Bug Fixes.
Game Play Enhancements!

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*** FEATURED in Touch Arcade in Top 10 Hot New Games Section *** We thank for your support and raving reviews!

Quick! Fallout! Click your way to Soccer Fame and Fortune with this intensely addictive idle mining clicker game.
This is an epic idle clicker game that lets you play as your favorite soccer / football team. Tap the screen to build your soccer players wealth and career. Manage the fallout from spending your fortune. Avoid retirement doomsday mining enough wealth before the day ends. Implement improvements to generate more idle wealth. Compete on a global scale against other players to keep your chosen team at the top of the league table.

Tap to get more money. Click to win the League.

New players will love the simple, intense and addictive tapping that allows you to buy Improvements quickly and generate incredible wealth in no time. More experienced idle clicker players will love the tactics involved in determining the best way to spend your wealth to generate more wealth. Balance the benefits and costs of each Improvement to maximise your career earnings.

The best players will have the opportunity to become World Champions! Can you beat the League and become the World Champion? Start your Soccer career today!


* Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements.
* Cool iMessage Stickers for free!
* Watch App to check your earnings and collect gifts from your wrist!
* iOS 10 Live Broadcasting Support.
* Global league table where you compete against other players.
* Powerful Boosts are offered frequently. The more you play, the more frequent the boosts!
* Choose to play from any of the 20 teams.

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