So Social

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So Social – インターネットの有名人のゲーム

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RT @ja_rene_: A date can be $10.. The point of a date is to enjoy each others company. Y'all so materialistic and want something to post fo…
I be so bored. 😭 just be browsing social media laying under the cover eating junk food
RT @BJH_10: A date can be $10.. The point of a date is to enjoy each other's company. Yall so materialistic and want something to post on s…
Só essa social dos atecubanos😌✌
RT @SharpzMCPE: I need 20 rts so @HeyItsDilly_ will name herself 'Silly Dildo' For A Week On All Social Medias.
RT @ACLU: How would you feel if your boss/college admissions had full access to your social media accounts? What can you do? →…
RT @jrmurphypoetry: /@jessed_nz @RNZSunday I agree, they come out supporting social issues, will lose election so Nats can say social issue…
All my timelines across social media are filled with louis. It makes me so happy. You are sooo loveddd❤️😍 @Louis_Tomlinson X x
RT @jayjorgensen70: Seems people still do not know @GraceVanderWaal official Social Media accounts. Please RT this so everyone knows! Keep…
So I started making dank memes not just for youtube but alsol for social media....
RT @ashleyeckerle_7: Everything is so much better when you keep your buisness off social media 💯🙌🏽
RT @librascale_xoxo: people are so lucky I'm not the type of person to show out for social media.. because hunnny
ta na hora do Facebook ser enterrado, é uma rede social lixo q só piora a cada momento e cheio de gente superficial postando as msm coisa
RT @dylanladman123: I don't get why people go live on Fb when they're at a party, stop being so anti social and have fun initt!!
tem uma menina na outra rede social q só posta coisa de matemática ela deve ser um gênio


What’s New

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Have you got what it takes to rock social media? Put your social media prowess to test in this new game that will turn you into the web’s newest sensation!

So Social allows you to become a social media star! The best way to climb up the ladder to fame is by joining Friendbook and posting a selfie. When you least expect, you’ll be gathering thousands of likes and followers all around the world!

However, internet fame is not just an avalanche of selfies! The internet people also love gifs, especially funny ones! Gather more followers and likes using famous hashtags – it’s the language of all the cool kids out there!

What’s a social media legend without the ability to inspire others? Post a motivational quote! Or, as any self respecting social media expert would know, how about posting a kitty video? The internet is craaaazy about kittens!

Put your influencing skills on display by making a live commentary about something that’s trending! Now, THAT is trendy! And finally, make it to the pantheon of social media by creating a meme and become a true legend!

The fun doesn’t stop at Friendbook though! Gather likes and followers enough to unlock other medias – such as Chiper and Lategram! Also, do not forget that a true star never forgets its fans! Make sure to read your posts comments and reap the rewards for being so friendly and down to earth!

• PICK your avatar from different profiles
• GATHER followers and RECEIVE countless likes! Make the Internet LOVE you!
• BECOME a social media legend! Work it hard like it’s your profession!
• CHOOSE from a DOZEN types of posts!
• UNLOCK other social medias!

Download So Social now and enjoy the stardom!

Disclaimer: While this App is completely free to play, some additional content can be purchased for real money in-game. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Like our page on Facebook and be the first to know about our upcoming games and updates!

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