Shake ‘n Bake

公開日: : 最終更新日:2014/02/01 クッキークリッカー系

Shake ‘n Bake 2.5.7(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ファミリー, アーケード
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 9.4 MB)
販売元: Susan Tubb – Susan Tubb
リリース日: 2014/01/31



RT @WTMNL: Kevin on Instagram: "Shake n bake @/conordaly22 "
Bitches gonna ride with who they think is a winner
RT @SalinasA17: 😛😈💦Mmm Shake n Bake !
@Fridgemuffin09 @TheSmithPlays shake n bake
I liked a @YouTube video Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Funny Moments - Shake N' Bake!
A 3.4 around noon between San Diego and Palm Springs. A shake n bake is coming.
@datboywolf yup. gotta get on SC. hit a few people with some shake n bake action and he'll make it.
Mmm mmmphm. 👁 shake n bake. I want to stuff that Turkey 🍆... with eggplant.
SHAKE N BAKE-Stay Beautiful
RT @Vinnys2Cutee: Shake n bake
Shake n bake
@freckledbutt shake n bake shirsey
RT @PhunnyHaHa: @F3Greensboro YHC has the Q @F3_Shake_N_Bake and promises a #beatdown that will condition those running the GOMR this weeke…
RT @PhunnyHaHa: @F3Greensboro willing to hit the Tommy Boy Trifecta? It starts 2morrow @F3_Shake_N_Bake then @F3NattysHump & concludes with…
RT @Polkameister: Scheer opens #HoC #QP with a question to PM - Trudeau of course MIA so Shake N' Bake Finance Minister Morneau gives talki…


What’s New

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Tired of just tapping your screen? Why not switch it up a bit and give it a shake!

Try Shake ‘n Bake and get cooking by shaking your device!

√ The world’s first and only clicker game with shake ability and much more. See if you are quick enough to catch the bonus items floating around. Guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun!

How to play:
Start baking by tapping on the cookie or shaking your device as fast as you can.

Use your baked cookies to buy upgrades so you can bake more cookies at record speeds and even have cookies baking for you automatically!

See how you stack up by posting your score to the GAMECENTER LEADERBOARD!

Got other things to do? Let the vibrations around you earn cookies! Set your device on the washing machine or place it on the seat next to you on the drive home! How many cookies can you bake?!!

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