Real Estate Mogul

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Real Estate Mogul 0.20.07(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ストラテジー, シミュレーション
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販売元: Roving Squid – Howard Fenter
リリース日: 2015/07/25



@jefftiedrich The real estate mogul, every time.
If Trump's father had been capable of loving him,he'd have never bc a real estate mogul and Donald would have died…
I see ivanka trump was a clothing and accessories line started by Model socialite and daughter of real estate mogul…
@fnihost This is like Donald Trump, bad real estate mogul, saying he provides urban planning.
How did you miss the real estate mogul part, @JohnRossBowie? Oh right, #fakenews guy. @megmyo
The latest The Lake Tahoe Real Estate Daily! Thanks to @Realty_Mogul #realestate #technology
#Realestate mogul is mystery buyer of record-setting #Brooklyn house. #Gravesend is the new #Dumbo. t
@MSNBC Clearly, a billionaire real estate mogul who builds skyscrapers, had long running TV show and became president is not in right mind.
R/E "Mogul" Former Trump campaign mngr Paul Manafort took out $19 million in puzzling real estate loans by @ddayen
@wkyc so building bridges is something this real estate mogul never did huh? He has the maturity of a 7th grader. #Trumprussia #kremlingate
RT @redzoneemb: #SocialMedia #Seo Real estate mogul Don Peebles on the election, Trump and 'Empire': Video: ... #…
When your country elects a reality show star and real estate mogul as the president
RT @SocialLeafSMG: #SocialLeaf #SEO #SMO Real estate mogul Don Peebles on the election, Trump and 'Empire'
RT @bronxilla: @handymayhem yes he is the masterful real estate mogul. And when he tweets its like the noisy neighbors upstairs are causing…
Warren Beatty isn't a real estate mogul??????


What’s New
* Lots of Mid-Game balance and new research.
* Retirement Brokers Bug Fixed (You should get your brokers each time now)!
* Minor Month Speed Bug Fixed
* Several Optimizations and Speed Improvements
* Tutorial is Replayable now (Click the Logo in the top left, then Replay Tutorial)
* Property income more clearly reflects property maintenance / management, as well as employee expense
* Retire tab will now show how much more you need to earn to gain any brokers.

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Have you always wanted to build a Real Estate Empire to rival the best? Test your mettle and see how well you can do in Real Estate Mogul.

Start small, buying a few Slum Houses, wait a little while, and reinvest to buy better and better properties. After a while, retire to gain Brokers and use them for Huge Permanent Research Bonuses. Can you climb to the top and become the Real Estate Mogul?

Real Estate Mogul is a simple Idle Time style game, with a few new twists, including employees, retirement bonuses and Permanent Research that remains between retirements!

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