Pixel Starships

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Pixel Starships™ : 8Bit Space Sim Strategy MMO RPG

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販売元: Savy Soda
リリース日: 2016/01/06


PS 2017 Poll: in the upcoming pixel starships 2017 update we are considering adding a optional… https://t.co/8DpRTQJDMW
Actualizar Pixel Starships 8Bit Star Ship Trek MMORPG (.. #Tecnología https://t.co/hViIjksAaG #Entrevistavv https://t.co/7noiUSKWFF
Savy Soda「ピクセル宇宙船 : Pixel Starships™ Star Ship Trek MMORPG」 FTLはiPadでしか遊べないのでiPhoneの俺はこれを選ぶぜ。 https://t.co/y3rq2IO0CY


What’s New
– New rechargeable photon cannons
– Fixed server sync and stability issues
– Character Stat Improvements
– New Languages

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From one of the most successful Mobile Game Kickstarter campaigns of the year comes Pixel Starships!

Available exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Pixel Starships is the world’s first total starship management game in an 8bit massive online universe. In Pixel Starships, you command every aspect of your ship from construction to battles in a single persistent world.

Featured Reviews –

PocketGamer – Pixel Starships will put 8-bit space strategy and crew management into an online universe

MMGN – The graphics in this 8Bit indie game is the best we’ve seen in a retro style game for a long time

PocketTactics – I’m intrigued by the cutaway side-view of the starship with turbolifts and transporters at the ready

TechTimes – The World’s First 8-Bit Total Starship Management Game Hits The Online Universe

Key Features –

● Build Epic Starships of your own design.
● Many races, aliens, factions.
● Battle it out with other real players in a single massive online universe.
● Manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration!
● Control ship’s power and limited resources. Discover epic weapons.
● Cross section full ship control and battles.
● Program situational AI commands to systems and crew allowing automatic combats and offline play.

Note –

Pixel Starships is totally free to play and is designed for perfect balance for all players. However, there are in-app items that can be purchased for real money to help speed up progress or offer cosmetic improvements. If you don’t want this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. As per Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Pixel Starships.

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