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Pickaxe 1.2.1(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ロールプレイング, シミュレーション, エンターテインメント
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 42 MB)
販売元: Mauro Luz – Mauro Luz
リリース日: 2014/08/11



Roblox // Clone Tycoon 2 // Buying Rainbow Pickaxe :D: https://t.co/ecBNCoAt7q via @YouTube
I have mined 3.7 Mil picks, equipped with the Clay Pickaxe! #PickCrafter
I have mined 3.7 Mil picks, equipped with the Clay Pickaxe! #PickCrafter
Eleven-eyed Pickaxe
I found a dragon pickaxe https://t.co/OXIikVjUDy https://t.co/psTB4nDELl
You can use your pickaxe to dig through Dirt, and your axe to chop down trees. Just place your cursor over the tile and click!
Minecraft 2 Minuten Ep 11. Dia Pickaxe!!: https://t.co/myxJbkyR4Z über @YouTube
GF:"u went to #interview carryin a pickaxe?!?" Me:"I'd thought I'd do a joke about breakin the ice" GF:what happened? Me:security tasered me
Silk Touch Unbreaking Fortune pickaxe, or a server .jar file, instead of the server declaring the moon are enabled, going
Creating a diamond pickaxe successfully with @BiboyQG https://t.co/eTP73xwBJj
4 more levels till infernal pickaxe! #07Scape #Smithing #OSRS #OldschoolRS #RuneScape2007 #OldschoolRuneScape… https://t.co/tb2TH20SMA
I'm hard as obsidian, your wooden Pickaxe can't break me!
Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe cuz I'm harder than obsidian (^_-)
I've been playing "Mr.Ore Chats with Mr.Pickaxe." I... I should probably stop.
RT @mrolavi123: I have mined 6.2 Bil picks, equipped with the Red Sandstone Pickaxe! #PickCrafter


What’s New
* Bug Fixes
* Perfect Pickaxe with more attack power

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Pull up your sleeves and unveil the miner in you, tapping your screen in a exciting quest to find the most rare and expensive elements in the universe.
It’s easy to play, just tap your phone to mine the rocks in the search of the most exciting elements in the universe. Accumulate resources and use them wisely in other to acquire more efficient tools.
Will you become the greatest virtual miner in this galaxy? Prove yourself and start playing Pickaxe.

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