My Boo Town

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My Boo Town – ペットのあなた自身の村を作成

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RT @peculiaraddison: 14. My Boo x Ghost Town Djs
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo
RT @peculiaraddison: 14. My Boo x Ghost Town Djs
My mama already dipped outta town w/ her boo 🙄
@neauxport ima come see you at work my fake boo might be coming to town
Now Playing MY BOO -- Ghost Town DJ'S
But who tf wants to do a trip out of town alone? No one fuck all that. Who's tryna be my boo or bestfriend? Lol
He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( - Ghost Town DJs - My Boo).
I'm Mad My Boo going Out Of Town For 2weeks On Friday
NowPlaying My Boo - Ghost Town DJ s 22:15
#NowPlaying MY BOO by GHOST TOWN DJS on 97.9 The Box!
At night i think of you! ♫ My Boo by Ghost Town DJs —
#OnLive ♫ Ghost Town DJ's 🎧 My Boo #allhits
Agregué un video a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Tom Budin Remix)
I liked a @YouTube video Ghost Town DJ's- My Boo


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Welcome to Boo Town! Build your own city and make it the dream place for all the Boos to live! Build houses, public buildings, shops and other fun facilities to make your Boo dwellers feel at home on their new land!

From the creators of Boo, the world’s most beloved virtual pet, comes a new adventure!

Boo Town is the happiest place on earth, and the only neighborhood that you can have Boos all over the place! Build their homes ranging from lovely small cottages to fancy two-story houses! But your city-building tasks do not stop there! Every town needs public buildings in order to be fully functional – and yours is not different! Boo Town rely on hospitals, schools, fire stations, post offices, police stations, and even a planetarium in order to attract more citizens!

Like any other blooming city, you’ll also need to develop and support local businesses and the industrial and agricultural sectors in order to thrive! Be sure to keep an eye on your corn crops on arms, harvest them on time and sell them to your Boos on the local market! You can also produce and sell an array of items, from milk, to eggs, candies, and even some delicious cookies straight from the oven! The market is a great way to earn coins and generate revenue for your town, so that you can build it to the next level and welcome more Boo residents!

Take care of the public areas, keep your streets clean and well kept and take good care of the plants to keep your happiness level of your city high! Then just watch your city flourish!

• DISCOVER dozens of different Boo citizens
• BUILD UP more than 80 kinds of buildings
• BEAT missions to earn incredible rewards
• EXPAND your city with more than 80 plot extensions

Download our game now and start BOO-ilding your new town!

Disclaimer: While this App is completely free to play, some additional content can be purchased for real money in-game. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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