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@thehill Aw... that must really hurt your pride, libs. You get gifted a gold mine smear piece headline, and America…
@NBCNews Ah... that must really hurt your pride, libs. You get gifted a gold mine smear piece headline, and America…
@TNLUK I must remember to buy myself a #EuroMillions ticket today, that £112,000,000 jackpot is already mine ;-)
must be nice.. i made a 25 on one of mine
RT @rebecca_araromi: As a good friend of mine would say my name must taste so good cus it's always in your mouth 🤷🏾‍♀️
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Mine, my Mustachios! Mine! Keep tapping to find gold and treasures as you travel to the Earth’s core in this new idle clicker game.

Try the popular idle clicker game with over 3 million plays on the web on your mobile device!

Tap as fast as you can to dig deep into the earth and mine your gold. Mine enough gold and you can sit back like the clicker tycoon you are and let your Mustachio workers dig for you! Upgrade to hire more and more workers with unique skills, then match the right equipment near the right workers for awesome combo bonuses!

Key Features:
• Keep clicking to destroy a layer of the earth and receive diamonds or treasure chests filled with rare (and not-so-rare) artifacts
• Collect and equip artifacts to boost your mining skills
• Discover unique crafting combinations and enhancements to mine faster!
• Complete achievements and earn diamonds
• Upgrade your Mustachios to unlock new skills and make even more gold while you’re idle
• Boost equipment by creating a power combo
• Find the special Molerat and push your luck for a reward — careful, you can’t return what he doles out

Become a fan on or visit us on Twitter @AddictingGames to receive exclusive news from the Addicting Games community!

Optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, New iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini Retina.

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