Mine Upgrade

公開日: : 最終更新日:2016/03/26 クッキークリッカー系

Mine Upgrade

現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 6.7 MB)
販売元: Keehan Roberts
リリース日: 2016/02/16


@Teanah installed mine a few days ago. Now to upgrade my CPU, haha. https://t.co/okagqa9oUm
Not fair this hotel bed is so much better than mine at home. I need an upgrade
My dad just bought one. I want an upgrade to mine, but no can do. https://t.co/rvghsG8L2W
@papipalmas Yeah true but the response on mine is slow so that's why I wanna upgrade for a better one.
What was your favorite upgrade from the DS to the 3DS? Mine personally was the Circle … — I'll probably agree there https://t.co/v5eEumUpEm
@MotherJones Well than all the more reason to UPGRADE mine and BBQ MORE!!!
@VigorousShip "Maybe it just took this long to grow from your last upgrade? Mine actually feel slightly bigger since I got mine too..."
@Okeating @tinytwink @bingowings14 I would have to wait till a child of mine has an upgrade to an I phone 7..then a… https://t.co/Y1Qo958en5
Le prochain qui me dis que Snoop c'est fini jle pend avec le fil de mon beats. il upgrade le son à lui seul https://t.co/mHDcpt4JY0
Guess it's time to upgrade my MacBook then. I wasn't able to unlock mine with my Apple Watch anyways because of thi… https://t.co/Ej9ebEPGy7
@gwabath @bathrugby Waiting for the club to come back to me on mine as I want to upgrade and move.
@Xein_ZA Mine will upgrade to six stars baby!
@xsakuraphie Nice congrats! Where in Canada? Same old same old with me. I just bought a new (used) car since mine d… https://t.co/SCZ8uZYEra
@ChelsC423 @josefprusa @ChaosCoreTech You 2 order the multi material upgrade? Still waiting for mine to ship. Order… https://t.co/PCLcydx8tr
@EchoThruMe @CastnBlast_COC @Clash_with_Ash @WicKeDGaming007 @ClashRoyale @irobbing @Elite_Gaming_CR Upgrade the ic… https://t.co/RSrtCFIVDn


What’s New
– saving feature rebuilt
– various bug fixes

ss1 ss2 ss3
Welcome to Mine Upgrade! Purchase miners and equipment to power through minerals and idle your way to the top! Sell precious and rare finds to the market to stack up your coins.

Free Features:
– 11 Equipment Types!
– 7 Rock Types!
– 6 Upgrades!
– 5 Random Finds!
– Infinite Cargo Upgrades!
– Auto Selling Feature!
– Awarded Trophies!

Think you have what it takes?

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