Mine Upgrade

公開日: : 最終更新日:2016/03/26 クッキークリッカー系

Mine Upgrade

現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 6.7 MB)
販売元: Keehan Roberts
リリース日: 2016/02/16


@LynHewitson @amy_lynn43 @Lorna_Sophia @Secretkat3 @miss_steele89 @Latersbabyxjdx @shirley27jones @dornansscotsfan… https://t.co/fk3Lxwgc5U
@KAlexander_Co Had to upgrade mine to 500 GB SSD & 16 GB of RAM. Feels like a brand new Mac
@pascalguyon Jealous. I've been meaning to upgrade to a newer version w/ SSD myself but mine just keeps on ticking… https://t.co/4eUPRzqdZb
Babun, paid RM2 for an upgrade to ice lemon tea. I still got coke. Its not mine but I'm pissed because I paid. Then all habis.
@Ry_Davies Do you recommend it??? I really wanna upgrade mine
.@TMConnects What happened to the unifi free upgrade offered in February? Mine is still the same
@ProdByFRESCO Mine was too before I switched to Sprint. Get an upgrade from Sprint at https://t.co/ZbFapfMh5m ^JH
@_MrWeFlyAsOne_ @axleh93 Loving mine. Huge upgrade from my iPhone 5s. Haven't checked out much VR gear yet, just Ne… https://t.co/LLTLKvv1Kk
@Doecky upgrade mine instead
after you upgrade your clunky old computer of course :P maybe when i am in the game, i can give you one of mine!
Every paycheck from now on is going towards a new pc im tired of how bad mine runs simple games -_- cant even upgrade the graphics card
@SirRyanWesley @Barnacules Ever since Watch OS3 mine has been great as well. Series 2 wasn't big enough of a change… https://t.co/QMv9506yRH
what other alternatives are there to dropbox? Mine is almost full and they don't have any small space upgrade options >.>
@RainCityGamers I plan to upgrade mine hopefully this year. This buying a house and getting married tying up all my pc upgrade money. Ha
@PCMag @Canon I have an older @Canon EOS Rebel SL1. This would be a very nice upgrade.Mine is only 18meg,9 point au… https://t.co/ryXtu1REVr


What’s New
– saving feature rebuilt
– various bug fixes

ss1 ss2 ss3
Welcome to Mine Upgrade! Purchase miners and equipment to power through minerals and idle your way to the top! Sell precious and rare finds to the market to stack up your coins.

Free Features:
– 11 Equipment Types!
– 7 Rock Types!
– 6 Upgrades!
– 5 Random Finds!
– Infinite Cargo Upgrades!
– Auto Selling Feature!
– Awarded Trophies!

Think you have what it takes?

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