Indiana Bob

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Indiana Bob

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RT @jawnita: fuck you, justin bieber. your hell is gonna be an 8th grade spanish class that you perpetually fail
#Indiana radio station music survey + random year = The Hoosier Top 20 with Bob Jenkins. Saturdays at 1 PM!
Remember Trump claiming he convinced Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana? Carrier just announced laying off another 632 Americans.
RT @dangainor: Remember when #Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge assaulting a college student wasn't big news? https://t.c…
RT @ShaunKing: Greg Gianforte should be arrested tonight. Period. He assaulted a reporter. This must never be acceptable
@cciccone Fucking hate Donal Trump but this is a terrible tweet. Widow? Really? I hate him but don't wish death…
Music may be the only thing that saves this world, not that the world deserves it.
One of the best compositions ever in the history of music. Piano or guitar. Sharon Isbin - Asturias via @YouTube
ISAAC ALBÉNIZ- ASTURIAS Luis Fernando Pérez, piano via @YouTube
From LtoR: AD Bob Low, Mike Doherty'12(Yale), James Forse'14(Haverford), Coach Hefler, John Beatty'16(Middlebury),…
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Pence's Indiana raid seized 45,000 voter registration applications, most of them from black voters. https://…
#Indiana radio station music survey + random year = The Hoosier Top 20 with Bob Jenkins. Saturdays at 1 PM!
Great article by Bob Reed on #PurdueNorthwest Mechatronics Engineering Technology program! Partnership with Illinoi…
@bob_buhr @kthalps Left to the Republicans, Pence was in Indiana. He can suck my dick if he thinks he's anywhere NEAR the WH.


What’s New

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The ancient city of Egypt has been swamped by terrible monsters and notorious treasure hunters. Government of Egypt requested Intrepid Indiana Bob & his brave crews to save the treasures and the relics. Bob will need the help of other crews that you can summon along the way.

@ Easy to play @
To attack the monsters simply tap the screen and explore!!
@ Real time crew placement @
During the battle you can change and upgrade the crews!!
@ Skill System @
Acquire MP by touch to use the special skills!
@ Various Skill up system @
Collect soul Stones and skill stones to make your hero stronger
@ Automatic Upgrade system @
Automatically upgrades your stats when you collect same items
@ Bob’s own Avatar System @
You can decorate Bob with over 180 items and 1.5million combinations!

Added Function
@Blitz Function@
When you have cleared the state just simply use blitz function to clear faster!
@New Crew Member Martina@
Just keep play the game and you will be able to summon her.
@ Gem Skill Changes and Price changes@
Cheaper and more effective timed buff skills!
@Mini Quest@
Clear Mini Quest to collect more bonues
@Auto Gold Collection@
Bob and crews will be exploring to collect gold even when you are away
@Key Pricing @
You asked and we listened! We’ve priced the keys down to help you to open the treasures!
@Additional Fame Buff@
Faster Auto play! More Fame buff will help you to clear stages faster
@Travel Information@
Need a break? Take a look at travel information.

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