Indiana Bob

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Indiana Bob

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14. El Juego de Ripper - Isabel Allende #20Libros @isabelallende #Ripper #Amanda #Indiana #Blake #Bob #Crimen ○ VINTAGE 1976-77 INDIANA UNIVERSITY IU BASKETBALL CALENDAR BURGER CHEF BOB KNIGHT
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RT @kurteichenwald: I cannot wrap my head around the fact that the President Elect just publicly slammed an Indiana steelworker just for cr…
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What’s New

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The ancient city of Egypt has been swamped by terrible monsters and notorious treasure hunters. Government of Egypt requested Intrepid Indiana Bob & his brave crews to save the treasures and the relics. Bob will need the help of other crews that you can summon along the way.

@ Easy to play @
To attack the monsters simply tap the screen and explore!!
@ Real time crew placement @
During the battle you can change and upgrade the crews!!
@ Skill System @
Acquire MP by touch to use the special skills!
@ Various Skill up system @
Collect soul Stones and skill stones to make your hero stronger
@ Automatic Upgrade system @
Automatically upgrades your stats when you collect same items
@ Bob’s own Avatar System @
You can decorate Bob with over 180 items and 1.5million combinations!

Added Function
@Blitz Function@
When you have cleared the state just simply use blitz function to clear faster!
@New Crew Member Martina@
Just keep play the game and you will be able to summon her.
@ Gem Skill Changes and Price changes@
Cheaper and more effective timed buff skills!
@Mini Quest@
Clear Mini Quest to collect more bonues
@Auto Gold Collection@
Bob and crews will be exploring to collect gold even when you are away
@Key Pricing @
You asked and we listened! We’ve priced the keys down to help you to open the treasures!
@Additional Fame Buff@
Faster Auto play! More Fame buff will help you to clear stages faster
@Travel Information@
Need a break? Take a look at travel information.

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