Idle Alien Hunter

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Idle Alien Hunter: Space Fighter Avengers — incremental clicker games

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What’s New
-1. Join ladder match every week Saturday to get MATCH POINT
-2. Use MATCH POINT to enhance your skill

-1. UI improvement
-2. Game balance adjust
-3. Bug fix

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【LADDER REWARD is available now !!】
Join ladder match every week Saturday to get MATCH POINT. Use MATCH POINT to enhance your skill.

【Game Introduce】

Alien Hunter is NOT a traditional space shoot bullet hell game.
Alien Hunter is a unique clicker idle game with Galaxy theme and puppet graphics where you play active or passive idle.
Build your battle ship and go out slaying enemies actively or let your fighters and hero ships idle grind for you while you slack. Gather loot to improve and progress through the game.

Embark on an epic and endless journey through the different spaces to grow ever stronger, grind, gather loot and slay the aliens and enemies.
Tap your way through ancient ruins, lava, deserts, earth, solar system and more galaxies as you grow ever more powerful and face tougher opponents and creatures.
Defeat bosses and enemies to travel to new areas of spaces and recruit new hero battle shipes to join your adventure.

【How to play】

Alien Hunter is the idle game very easy to control.Just click screen to let the ship to fire at the moving ALIENS.
You could upgrade the fire, unlock new skill and switch new space ship to help beat the Aliens.
Tap with your godly powers to hurt your enemies and make your damage levelUp.
Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey to upgrade your fighter’s ability and gain new skilles,abilities and hero shipes to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!

There is 3 kinds of special Hero fighters in this version:
1.Phoenix Air has AOE ability. It would use his Aoe Ability every 5 round common shoot.The aoe fire would not trigger crit damage. It could be unlocked at stage 40.
2.Crystal Air has collect money ability. Once fire on the target, the enemy would drop 20% 0f money when he died. It could be unlocked at stage 90.
3.Thunder Rogue will shoot double fire. It could be unlocked at stage 120.


1.Tap to fire would reduce energy. Once fire on target would recover energy. If energy decrease to zero would cause OVERHEAT effect.
2.You could upgrade auto attack speed and let auto shoot speed increase 300% in the shop to let fighter shoot by itself.
3.In the shop altar, there is a lot of useful item to help you beat the enemies. you need spend diamonds to buy them
4.Once the enemy is too powerful and you could not beat it then you could choose rebirth to increase your base damage growth and challenge the enemy again.


-Over 70 different ridiculous enemies and bosses
-10 beautiful, hand-crafted and magnificent environments and stages
-6 kinds of gorgeous skills
-4 distinct special hero ships.
-Mix RPG and clicker grind elements with tons of things to upgrade
-Reasonably designed upgrade and rebirth system
-Various kinds of powerful ships help you beat the enemy
-Possibly infinite gameplay
-Either play actively or just idle by watching your fighter auto shoot do the job for you
-Rebirth system makes your base damage growth increase
-Daily reward and ladder online system would open next version

【Background Story】

Our earth is being invaded by a lot of Aliens from space just now!! You are the member of AVENGERS. Let the battle ship take off and join the starcraft!!

【Contact Us】


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