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Goldcraft – Idle Gold Mining Clicker Game

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販売元: Blade Fire Studios
リリース日: 2016/07/08


Watch my Minecraft tutorial ep. 3 and find out how to make subway train! Go on:
Мне понравилось видео "Servidor De Kit PvP 1.7x []GoldCraft[] Sem Lag Pra Pirata !!" (
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RT @CllrDDutton: Two more fantastic donations received from The Cutting Gallery & Goldcraft towards this year's Christmas @FormbyLights Th…
Two more fantastic donations received from The Cutting Gallery & Goldcraft towards this year's Christmas @FormbyLights Thank you so much.
I liked a @YouTube video في حفل بكرى في سيرفر GoldCraft حضور مشتركيني مهم!!


What’s New
Fixed a major bug where the background wasn’t loading on the first session.

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Have you ever wanted to be a gold miner? Of course you have!

Begin your gold mining adventure with Goldcraft. Tap your way to riches!

How to Play

– Tap the mountains to mine gold.

– Hire loyal workers to help you. Level them up to get more powerful.

– Buy equipment to get you more gold!

– Find rare and powerful artifacts that give you huge bonuses.

– Workers mine even when you aren’t playing, so you can come back later and have tons of gold for upgrades.

– When things slow down, complete Master Training to reset back to level 1, but with extra bonuses so you are even more powerful!

Master Training

Most idle games have a ‘prestige’ or soft reset system that allows you to start over at the beginning, but with some extra power. Goldcraft’s reset system is called Master Training. After master training, you will start back at claim 1. Your rank will be higher, and your global bonus will be higher. You will also earn Master Points.

Master points let you enhance your workers and artifacts. Basically it lets you make your favorite workers and artifacts extra powerful.

You can reach master training by tapping the ‘master training’ button on the ‘You’ worker.

More Cool Stuff

Goldcraft is an idle clicker game. You can tap to mine gold or let your workers mine for you. Play the way you want!

This is a free to play game, but there are in-app purchases that you can make if you want. You can get everything for free but if you don’t have the time you can always buy something.

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