Fishy Clicker

公開日: : 最終更新日:2015/05/16 クッキークリッカー系

Fishy Clicker – Original Incremental Idle Game about Fishing 1.0.0(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, シミュレーション, ストラテジー, エンターテインメント
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 5.6 MB)
販売元: Free Apps Pty Ltd – Free Apps Pty Ltd
リリース日: 2015/05/14




What’s New

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There’s a fisherman in your device, and he needs your help!
Play the ultimate fish-based incremental idle clicker game, and start your fishing empire now!
Hours of gameplay! Hardcore fish-on-fish action! It’s fishy, fun and totally free! Woo!

If you enjoy games like Cookie Clicker, AdVenture Capitalist and other clicker games, you’ll love this.

** Gameplay **

– Like Cookie Clicker and other similar games, Fishy Clicker is an incremental idle game
– Click to drop a fish from the heavens to your fisherman. He’ll be so grateful!
– Continue clicking consistently to raise your fish multiplier earn MUCHOS PESES!
– Hours of family friendly, fishy fun!
– The world of Fishy Clicker is a barter economy: spend fish to buy upgrades and expand your empire.
– Upgrades generate fish whether you click or not, even while you’re away from the app!
– Earn xp from fishing to level up and unlock more upgrades!
– Start small with fish traps, work your way up to buying entire harbours, unlock mythical hyperfish generators, or even summon the Elder Carp.
– Sometimes, gems will fall from the sky! Click them to collect them.
– Gems can be transferred into fish (the true important currency) and later on, used to unlock permanent upgrades.
– Mooorrreeee fishhhh…
– Beat your friends’ scores and become the ultimate fish mogul!

** Features **

– Fish
– 8 upgrades with 10 levels each! That’s, like, 46 billion upgrades to unlock! (Disclaimer: actually 81 upgrades)
– 35 levels of heart-thumping fishing, new upgrades every 5 levels!
– More fish
– Earn gems by collecting or watching short video ads! Win-win!
– Earn extra fish by liking our Facebook page!
– Endless fun!
– Be the first to summon the Elder Carp and unleash the fishocalypse!
– Totally free, forever!
– A general excess of fish

What are you waiting for? I’m tired of writing the description. Download for free now!

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