DYSTOPIA The broken earth

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DYSTOPIA The broken earth

現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 135 MB)
販売元: NFlexSoft
リリース日: 2015/12/04



What’s New

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There will be a coupon distribution in the celebration of the opening
Enter the ‘DYSTOPIA’ to the coupon prompt in game.

– Synopsis –
In the near future, a wormhole suddenly appears in the orbit of the moon.
Mankind was in frenzy, but for a century, nothing happened.
Human civilization was reaching an unparalleled level of space and time control through research on the wormhole.
Meanwhile, a mysterious object from the wormhole fell to the earth, and dimensional cracks opened all over the earth through which, other dimensional creatures came over.
People who had been exposed to other types of dimensional energy attacked one another as if possessed by unknown determinations, and dead people began coming back to life as zombies.
Within weeks, mankind was at life and death’s peril, and survivors gathered in underground research facilities to come up with emergency measures.
You are the Captain of the special force for emergency cases that had been recently disassembled. Your mission is to depart for the sea floor crack in the Mariana Trench, where the unidentified object fell and is assumed to be the origin of disaster.

– Game specifics –
The Captain can reset the time of combat to the beginning, and earn precious resources from the dimensional crack.
Squad members that are to help the captain with their powerful support skills and weapons can be hired.
Gold in the game is used to upgrade weapons or reconstruct civilization. A reconstructed civilization generates gold at regular intervals.
Based on the progress, players can time warp (rebirth). The obtained special resource ‘Ark’ can be used to improve abilities permanently.
Various missions and rank achievements are also available as challenges.
Enter the world of various contents and excellent graphics without burdens now!

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