Duck Evolution Life

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Duck Evolution Life | Mutant Idle Incremental Game

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Ducks was arrested by alien for genetically experiment to be the best in every aspects such as swimming , diving , flying and running but the experiment was failed . Then they left the duck without knowing that it can evolve itselves by eating other creatures !!!
One day, Alien from other space came to the earth and found a creature named Duck. Duck is an animal that can do a lot of things such as swimming , diving , flying and running but they are not very good at anything. The alien would like to evolve the duck to do everything the best in swimming , diving , flying and running . The aliens built up and did recombinant DNA of the duck with other animal; eagle , cheetah, alpaca , goat and so on but the experiment was not successful . The duck is still a duck and it lives in general . The alien decided to leave the duck in the forest on earth without knowing that the genetically modification will be affected when the duck eats and absorbs DNA of other creatures . At first the duck can only hunt small creatures like shrimp and crab but when it has the ability to evolve to larger size , it is possible to hunt more for evolving itself to become the ultimate form and be the best in every aspects .

◆◆◆ HOW TO PLAY ◆◆◆
– Hunt DNA from wild animals
– Absorb DNA for evolution

– 15 Steps of duck development
– 12 kinds of wild animals to hunt for food
– Evolution System
– Beautiful scenes and effects
– Free food from watching video

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