Dig it!

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Dig it! – cat mine. Drill, mine and level up your own cute catminers.

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RT @NiallOfficial: Getting ready. see ya soon! @TODAYshow . Thank you for waiting out all night for me , really appreciate it
The Big Dig is the worst quest in fallout 4 because it crams all the worst designed enemies in the game (feral ghouls and mirelurks) into a
get this last week ova with & it's back the Sip ya dig? 😎📍
RT @TODAYshow: .@NiallOfficial is on the plaza, and "This Town" is loving it! #NiallTODAY https://t.co/JoIHyROJHT
Civil rights now is it? Another dig at Obama by the Liar n' thief. Do not lose focus of your rights or #Trumprussia https://t.co/jf44lJ1l7D
My avi is pretty fuckin close up to my face. I do not dig it
RT @kingkimochi: i did a redesign of lapis lazui for funsies and i kinda dig it?? https://t.co/5Jh8hNll3w
@HighAsRocket @1JahSwift I've got half the cylinders and I promise I can hang with a hellcat, and from a dig I'd ga… https://t.co/ZPNz0uLp3B
@manitobahydro So you dig this hole in the boulevard on North Meadow Drive over a month ago and this is how you lea… https://t.co/eZIG8kMZNL
The Big Dig is the worst quest in fallout 4 because it crams all the worst designed enemies in the game (feral ghouls and mirelurks) into a
@hoegalra ... I meant to say dedicated enough or rich enough but I guess I just really wanted to dig in that I wasn't into it
eh . kinda dig it , kinda don't https://t.co/TNKhQn8RLg
but i think i dig it... https://t.co/nzv9CUlUx1
@mundanematt @Sargon_of_Akkad When going after Carl for dark humor didn't work, They just dig deep for older shit… https://t.co/SW78OTf6f5
RT @_emilllly4: Dig it (: https://t.co/JEAMtS6zHi


What’s New
Now you finally can sync your progress between devices using facebook account, support for game center account will be added later.
Cats have learnt how to grow upto level 5 and now they know how to use very powerful jackhammer!
Also you can switch language from settings menu

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Dig it! is an addictive mixture of original gameplay and strategy.
Become a leader of cats clan of miners and discover all mysteries hidden deep below the ground!
Build your mine, dig deeper and hire new catminers.
Tired of waiting? Seems your cats are skiving? Cheer them up by simple taping and increase digging and mining!

PLEASE NOTE! Dig it! is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchases in your device’s settings.

A network connection is not required, but recommended for better experience.

* Grow and customize your mine
* Hire and level up you kitties
* Fulfill orders with your truck
* Upgrade your drill and dig deeper
* Craft epic gear for your cats
* Go on a treasure hunt aboard your zeppelin

5/5 – Super addicting! I can’t stop playing! I love everything about the game. To the funny cats names, to having a good time busting game!

5/5 – I have no idea why this game is so addicting, LOL! I love it.

5/5 – This game is dope, me and my friend can’t stop playing.

5/5 – A fun filled game that can be enjoyed and shared by all the family !

5/5 – Good game no complains. Well thought out, simple to play. Easy going and able to work and come back with little fall back.


Chief, are you having problems? Visit https://www.facebook.com/digitcatmine

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