Cookies! I need more cookies!

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Cookies! I need more cookies! 1.0(無料)

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リリース日: 2013/11/22



Sweetie I don't want your cookies, If you're looking for applause, keep lookin Your recipe's boring, need a little more spice in my cookin
@kylivelez_ tell Lindsey I need some more of them cookies
I talked to a pastry chef at the bar last night who said I need to charge WAY more for my cookies than I do 💁🏼
Meanwhile, I will eat all the cookies. More than I need. Some cookie-elves may die. (mwa ha ha)
"I need to get back into shape" - I say as I shove two more cookies in my mouth
RT @Voltrontexts: Shiro: Ugh I don't want to adult today. I need like a dozen more coffees. Or cookies. They're interchangeable.
📷 I BAKED COOKIES! For the first time since I have my own kitchen, I baked cookies! :D Need more...
Sailor: "I'm dehydrated I need to eat some more cookies" Rachel: That's not how that works!
Christmas party 2 of 3 tonight plus a retirement party! Plus I need to finish 6 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange..more coffee
I Need Some More Of Em Cookies 😩
I...need...more...cookies. 😂
I have a compulsive need to bake more cookies.
RT @remingtonh34: I need to love @adamdayl even more considering he brings me cookies whenever I need them
I need to love @adamdayl even more considering he brings me cookies whenever I need them
You ask me if I stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Well, do you have proof for that? I'd need to investigate more to determine who reall


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Cookies, that’s all you need… just a few more of that tasty cookies! More and more cookies, share with friends your cookies score via twitter or facebook, who will beat you? Who can stop you baking?
Just try it, so shiny tasty cookie…. mmm…

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