Chef King

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Chef King

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Isn't Our KING @iamsrk Is The Best Chef Of This WORLD ???
Chef Bergen looking King Peppy, Cooper and Poppy - TROLLS from DreamWorks Animated Movie 2016 Coloring...
Dodao sam videozapis Chef Bergen looking King Peppy, Cooper & Poppy - TROLLS Movie Coloring Pages | Kids
You're the king baby I'm your queen 💑👑 @ The Pastry Chef Pulilan
RT @JessieJessup: If you're gonna get your sexy on this weekend this song has excellent (ahem) thrust ***kisses fingertips like a twinkle e…
Y'all why king Chef called screaming at me after not picking up my food 😭 I'm crying bitch was 38 and ready to kill me 😭😭😭
RT @L2DesignLLC: This gorgeous concrete countertop that dies into a range wall is built for a king…or at least a wonderful chef. https://t.…
THE DUCK KING promo menu seasonal "Chili Crab with Chef’s Signature Sauce” harga mulai Rp. 38.000++/ons
RT @SportsCenter: The King passes another legend. LeBron passes Elvin Hayes for 9th on the all-time scoring list in the Cavaliers' 114-84…
This gorgeous concrete countertop that dies into a range wall is built for a king…or at least a wonderful chef.
RT @mefeater: Alfie Enoch and Aja Naomi King attend GQ Men of the Year Party.
RT @ByLucha: @Chefdad2000 @keetoa @MtlBroski @itsvedatime @neff_Phew @TherealRVD @KING Thanks Chef! Ultima woooo to you!
"Ya va a empezar Master Chef" #FrasesDePobre
8 1/2 Months pregnant and my Queen Chef is still making her KING an…
@Chefdad2000 @keetoa @MtlBroski @itsvedatime @neff_Phew @TherealRVD @KING Thanks Chef! Ultima woooo to you!


What’s New
Bug fix.
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Intense cooking-themed RPG! Something new!

◆ Internet connection is required to play the King of Chefs.
Korean, Japanese, Western, Chinese, and fusion cuisines! There are so many culinary styles in the world!
A festival of culinary wonders!
President Banx of the World Chefs Consortium wants to find the best chef in the world…
The Second Best of the Best Chefs Contest is scheduled to take place on Infinity Island!
Take advantage of all the legendary cooking ingredients on the island to win the approbation of the panel of judges!
Awaken your palate! Awaken your culinary instinct!
Use the finest ingredients available and the legendary recipes to make delectable dishes!
Try my cooking!
Your culinary adventure is about to begin on Infinity Island!

[ How to Play ]
◆ Hunt for all kinds of exotic ingredients to cook with!
◆ Your dishes are screened by a panel of culinary experts. The score you receive goes toward your EXP!
◆ Take a promotional test to reach a higher level!
◆ Upgrade your cooking utensils and attire to make dishes of a higher quality!
◆ Every dish takes you closer to becoming the king of chefs!
◆ Find the secrets of Infinity Island scattered across the island. The truth will be revealed in time!

202, Hwacheon Building, 133-3, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-958)

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