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Catzilla: the fat cat clicker

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リリース日: 2016/06/16


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RT @EmentyAnimation: Legend Catzilla Life (Minecraft Animation By Ementy Animation): via @YouTube
Legend Catzilla Life (Minecraft Animation By Ementy Animation): via @YouTube
RT @NovostiDamask: Сирийские органы безопасности захватили грузовики, на которых боевики "Джебхат Фатх аш-Шам" перевозили оружие в провинци…
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CATZILLA: The Fat Cat Clicker

Hello kitty lovers ! Catzilla is a clicker game where you must feed treats to your cat, and help it grow big and fat.
Begin as a small kitten left in a box, and end up sitting on the Galaxy itself as your kitty takes on weight.

Your kitty cat can be customized with different skins (3 unlocked by defeating the bosses multiple times and 4 that you can purchase directly in the game).

Watch your kitty grow as you feed it delicious treats. Purchase Donors such as Cat Ladies, Treat Factories or Treat Mafias. They will help by providing treats to the cat. Kitty will grow, Kitty will want more to eat!

You can then upgrade the donors (example : Cat Lady to Super Cat Lady to Old Cat Lady, etc.


– 8 Cat skins
– 10 levels with 10 backgrounds and Kitty sizes
– 10 types of donors
– 5 upgrades per level
– 2 specific donor upgrades
– Many bosses that give you treats and free skins once defeated
– Mouses with extra number of treats

Catzilla the fat cat clicker is a way to say: “Hello kitty aficionados! Feed me!”

Bring Catzilla everywhere, just like you would a tamagotchi :)

Love the cat, for it is your friend. Please attempt to use the clicker wisely.But if you can’t, well so be it!
Cats are life’s little whimsical attempts at humor, remember that.

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