Casual Warrior

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Casual Warrior – Idle RPG

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リリース日: 2016/03/21


Pirate-warrior in casual. Time to rope.
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Lucy yelped as she was being dragged by the Warrior like mage. She wondered why she never wore anything casual. ❝Hey Erza. -- @ReynaErza
@U16Fusion club. He gave off a casual glare towards the fused warrior … he's been around for quite a while, so he assumed the (2/19)
Ensembles #8 - Thursday December 8th and #9 - Friday December 9th. #TheCasualWarrior #christmaskitsukecountdown…
lol facing pirate warrior in casual.
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「@CleverMortal」 « warrior, she never possessed the ability to do any other than train and battle, though the casual feasts and ceremonies »
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RT @victuridance: u can't just casual Ship taylera u gotta sign up for the monthly newsletter which includes golden bkdk/rh meta & jojo & w…
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@ps4pros danny the casual prayer warrior
Sony's latest effort to lure casual gamers
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What’s New
– Added Gift Pack
– Added Forge System
– Added New Pets
– Added Push System
– Fix the hell gate bugs.

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Welcome to Casual Warrior, the best game for occupied players. Let’s have this awesome game. We promised you that you won’t be regret!


>>Auto Fight
Automatically farm weapons and gears for you, save your valuable time just enjoy it!

>>Companion System
Summon the most compatible group and helps you fight anytime. All of the companions are exquisite.

>>Skill combination,
Figure out your best compatible and most powerful skill set, winning glory in the battle arena.

>>Avatar system,
Equipment is able to reflect the appearance of each character.

>>Gorgeous pet,
Exclusive skill for each every pet make you don’t fell bored and select the good one will make you much more stronger.

Multiplayer, multiple fun! Create your own guild, gather your friends, build a legend. wow!

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