Capital of War

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Capital of War 1.2(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ストラテジー, ロールプレイング
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 20.5 MB)
販売元: Raymond Curatolo – Raymond Curatolo
リリース日: 2015/04/08



or you could sign my petition for a Nat. War Cemetery for Military, Police, Firefighters etc outside Nat. Capital.…
RT @genebsperling: 55% of value of estates over $100 million are untaxed capital gains. Repeal of estate tax could mean they become "never…
@SonicKaw Nobody really, it's honestly more a 'civil war'/War to keep the Holy Roman Empire that Austria served as…
@AshokaTheBear The US hasn't tasted the consequences of any war it's been part of since 1812. Even then, the capita…
@ektrit Trust in market would break forever. Even oligarchs in civil war could not be mentally insane to the point…
@Thaurox no haberte pasado los god of war debería ser pecado capital
@DixonDiaz4U @HFemtard And the corpses of capital punishment victims and war bomb victims
Middle East likely to go to war. Turkey wants to reignite "Ottoman" spheres of influence. USA will step in if requi…
A euro exit is about as complicated and risk-prone as starting a war: control of capital flows, crack down on riots
RT @ECOWARRIORSS: World War 3 Alert: Kim Jong-Un Orders Evacuation Of Capital, North Korea Readies For Nuclear War, Reports Say https://t.c…
@PaulaSKirby @FrauBooka @GermanAtPompey @fredvallier In the 50s it went back and forth with Cold War events - Stali…
@Que_Peso @tejwo @leducviolet @ByYourLogic This is not about war, but about an opinion on war. Also, a lot of peopl…
World War 3 Alert: Kim Jong-Un Orders Evacuation Of Capital, North Korea Readies For Nuclear War, Reports Say
RT @zaitakukai: 【移民・難民】 WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital フ…
Satellite captures rare snapshot of life in ISIS 'capital': The final target in the war on ISIS --……


What’s New
Check the Docks! A pirate captain wants to join the crew, and he brings new ship upgrades and attacks. Get on your new ship and test out your new attacks in naval combat.

– Lumberyard and Farm requirements reduced.
– Pirate Captain added
– Ship Upgrades
– New attacks
– Naval Combat
– More quests

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Will you join and fight for our empire? Capital of War is a war game that combines the clicker tapping game concept, with rpg action, while building up your empire. Build your army, train your troops, and take them to action packed battles outside your capital or across the seas. Conquer new lands and become the most powerful empire in the kingdom.

– Upgrade your town
– Build your empire
– Train your army
– Complete quests
– Travel to distant lands
– Conquer the kingdom

If you enjoy clicker tapping games, with a mix of role playing strategy action, then look no further. Join our empire and fight for the Capital of War!

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