Capital of War

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Capital of War 1.2(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, ストラテジー, ロールプレイング
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 20.5 MB)
販売元: Raymond Curatolo – Raymond Curatolo
リリース日: 2015/04/08



@cnni east Jerusalem is occupied territory in 1967 war and cannot be considered the capital of Israel. A just peace needs to occur.
RT @thingsbreak: Make no mistake: this is a war on knowledge, on knowing. This is a hallmark of authoritarians. This is intentional. It w…
War On Streets Of Paris: Armed Migrants Battle In French Capital
A glimpse of Berlin in the mid-1930s. I came across these while looking for a map of Berlin of the same period....
War, which kills lots of innocent people, is more brutal than capital punishment. Why do you think they don't renounce it?
What Happens to the Market if America Goes to War?
RT @Communism_Kills: Moving the embassy to the capital of a country is not a push for war.
RT @Communism_Kills: Moving the embassy to the capital of a country is not a push for war.
RT @Communism_Kills: Moving the embassy to the capital of a country is not a push for war.
Moving the embassy to the capital of a country is not a push for war.
Two players in Psalm 83 War. Palestines are area of Philicea and Jordan Ammon their capital.
@buckthegov @Miss_Behaving1 @MoAkram8 @Independent and one thing is for sure, at a time of global capital crisis a trade war is the worst >
Appointment of new mayor of Tajik capital: clearing the decks for another republican dynasty?
RT @zaitakukai: 【移民・難民】 WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital フ…
RT @ModernConflict: Nigerian students in the capital of Lagos celebrate the end of the #Biafra civil war before being dispersed with tear g…


What’s New
Check the Docks! A pirate captain wants to join the crew, and he brings new ship upgrades and attacks. Get on your new ship and test out your new attacks in naval combat.

– Lumberyard and Farm requirements reduced.
– Pirate Captain added
– Ship Upgrades
– New attacks
– Naval Combat
– More quests

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Will you join and fight for our empire? Capital of War is a war game that combines the clicker tapping game concept, with rpg action, while building up your empire. Build your army, train your troops, and take them to action packed battles outside your capital or across the seas. Conquer new lands and become the most powerful empire in the kingdom.

– Upgrade your town
– Build your empire
– Train your army
– Complete quests
– Travel to distant lands
– Conquer the kingdom

If you enjoy clicker tapping games, with a mix of role playing strategy action, then look no further. Join our empire and fight for the Capital of War!

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