Brofist Legend

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Brofist Legend 1.0(無料)

カテゴリ: ゲーム, エンターテインメント, ストラテジー, ロールプレイング
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 37.6 MB)
販売元: David Zobrist – David Zobrist
リリース日: 2015/06/06



RT @amrloutfy97: PEWDIEPIE: LEGEND OF THE BROFIST #1 Please check out my video.
Pug mode as edgar - final showdown- my new stratergy - legend of brofist: via @YouTube
PewDiePie The Legend Of Brofist #2 - GETTING HARDER: преко @YouTube
RT @ryedawg14: Pewdiepie legend of the brofist up next on @Outerminds #NASA2017
Pewdiepie legend of the brofist up next on @Outerminds #NASA2017
Vacas explosivas y Jabba de hut? - Legend of the Brofist #3: vía @YouTube
@pewdiepie I can't fucking download ur fuckin legend of the brofist u uncultured cunt I have to but that piece of shit what the fuck
@pewdiepie make a legend of the brofist 2 plaws
@pewdiepie it used to be a big hit why dont you plan on making legend of the brofist 2
legend of the brofist
@pewdiepie let it die felix, just like legend of the brofist
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RT @Outerminds: We are giving away 10 free iOS codes to download PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist! Who wants one?
Please RT! #games #videogames Brofist Legend
#PJORTS Playing ultimate chicken horse... gave me serious Legend of the Brofist vibes >.>


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“We’re ship-wrecked. Stranded on a deserted island. Bro’s are frightened, we won’t survive if no one takes the lead…”
Help us! Lead us! We will follow you to fortune and glory, and together we WILL conquer this dangerous new territory!
Strength and Honor!

Brofist Legend is based on the loved cookie clicker concept and extends it with fortress building and quests.

This is the simplest, funniest and most addictive RPG Action game on the Appstore! If you love 8 bits games feeling and tapping games, this is your game!

• Tap for Bro Coins.
• Upgrade your Fist and get more Bro’s.
• Build your Bro Army.
• Train your Senpai.
• Send him on Quests to conquer.
• Defeat Barrels.
• Unlock Edgar the PewDiePug.
• Unlock Marzia.
• Unlock the Duck.
• Compare your Score with Players all over the world via the Apple Game Center
• Optimized for iOS 8

If you were looking for Tap Games, Orcs vs Knights games, tap tap or rpg tapper games then Brofist Legend is what you need!

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