Animal Rain

公開日: : 最終更新日:2017/04/15 クッキークリッカー系

Animal Rain : Tactical Idle Game

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販売元: Wei Wang
リリース日: 2017/03/12



What’s New
fix some bug, improve performance.

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————————-How to play————————
1) tap : tap screen to let animals free fall,as an Animal Rain .
2) build : build plants to beat animals,the chick rain change to duck rain .
3) click : click animals to get coins .
4) farm : farm your plants,upgrade your farm.get more special animal rain .
5) idle : idle for more coins automatically .
6) steal : steal your friends coins !!!

————————-RadKid’s diary————————-
Holy plant! My lovely LemonWater lady was kidnapped last night!!!
Every plant in the village was boiling up and gathered together.
My elder AngryRad pointed out “the kidnapping must be relative to those chickens on that hill”. (though I don’t think so…)
However, explosive PumpNovi, freezing G’Berry, spicy PeperGirl and others were rushing to those chicken.
Since battle started, I must fired my seeds to help getting back my lady.

The battle was brutal, but victory is tipping our side at the beginning. Round plump chickens beaten up and mutated to dumb pigs. Pigs were then mutated to …
They kept calling more animals to join. To win the battle, we must grow our army with new plants, expand our base, upgrade our tech, call insects’ and mantis’ for help and try various tactics.
Every plant will become stronger with upgrade. As for me, I will become as strong as AngryRad.

As the battle went on, we believed wolf W.Robby was behind this kidnapping and we must defeat him and save our lady.

———————-What to expect————————
1)What kinds of animals will free fall?
2)How fast can you tap on screen,and how magnificent animal rain it will be?
3)What next plants buddy can farm?
4)What lottery result will be?
5)What tactics my friend will use, and how many coins i can steal?
6)Many more to dig in ! Tap with friends !

Welcome to farm with your friends.
Tap faster to compete with others.
Farm special plants and research more combinations.
Idle your farm and get more coins as long as you strong than your friends !!!

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パンチ パンチ キック パンチ 現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 110.


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